Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blood Diamond

Leonardo DiCaprio is a quite accomplished actor, but can he pull of a South African English accent in front of a total South African audience?
Yesterday we went to see Blood Diamond, DiCaprio's recent movie in which he plays a South African diamond smuggler. For the part he left home his American accent and learned to talk like an Afrikaner who speaks English. I must admit that it was hard for me to concentrate on the story, because I knew that the whole audience was secretly grading his accent.

The first of many 'all right's went down south, literally; he sounded more like an aussie. A wave of laughter went through the audience because of so much ignorance. Shocking!
The second big roar was when DiCaprio called a soldier 'doos', which means 'cunt'. This time it was more a laughter of pride, as if everybody was thinking 'isn't that a great word we have?'
On the other hand; a shiver of shock went through the cinema when he shouted the K word (k*ffer) to he's his black companion. Maybe because its pretty much the worst thing one can say (like the American N word)? Maybe because they already feared the further stigmatising of white South Africans this movie could cause? Maybe because some of the whites present secretely liked to hear out loud again? Maybe....

But all in all he did a pretty good job pronouncing all the ja's, jaja's, all rights, bru's (brother) and apartheid's.
Well done, Leo. You past the test.


Blogger Werner Bossmann said...

thanks, i was curious about how convincing his accent would be. i was not sure about the 'bru' (3 wks in RSA and I think I'm an expert). we got the dvd in kosovo a couple of weeks ago (perfectly legal of course), but we still have to see the last half hour. it was the worst pirate copy i have ever seen. after about half an hour it changed to 'the departed' (which also stars leonardo de caprio) and after one minute back to 'blood diamond'.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Alquimista said...


FYI, I posted a comment in my blog related to this movie and mention you (sorry for not asking) as a reference.

Don't really know whether you speak Spanish though.


The Alchemist

8:41 AM  
Blogger letatcest said...

Hey Laura!,

well.. I was wondering about the accent, but did not think about it anymore, until I got to your blog through bureaubelgrado. :)

5:53 PM  

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